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Schwinn Indoor Cycling Classes

Regular timetabled classes of the Schwinn Cycling Program will be the main emphasis of Cycle Wright Limited. These will take the form of authentic, broad based appeal coached classes, which will provide training opportunities for all in the comfort of our modern studio.

Classes are scheduled primarily on evenings throughout the week to suit your busy working lifestyle, with additional classes held on Saturdays and Sundays throughout the day.

We currently offer the following varieties of classes:

Classes are priced at £7 per 45 minutes or £8.50 per hour, depending on class length.

For NHS Lothian (Scotland) and West Lothian Council staff discount schemes, please speak directly to Ange at


WATT Bike Classes

We are also excited to offer on demand WATT Bike classes and individual sessions.

Watt Bike is highly recommended training adjunct by British Cycling for cyclists and is additionally a very effective tool for lower limb rehabilitation due to the varies training options it provides.

Individual Coached WATT Bike sessions are priced at £30 per hour.
Supervised Training Programme sessions are priced at £15 per half hour.

Group sessions will be launched in the near future.



For clarity, here are our prices in a nice easy to understand table format!

Service Duration Pricing
Schwinn Indoor Cycling Class 45 minutes £7.00
Schwinn Indoor Cycling Class 60 minutes £8.50
WATT Bike Supervised Training 30 minutes £30.00


Future Growth

Future Growth of our services is proposed which will include the following:

  • GP referral exercise consultancy. Including lifestyle change program for weight management.
  • The revolutionary Stairmaster Treadclimber. Interested? Check this video out!
  • Exercise planning for Special Populations to include local sport’s clubs & post/ante natal specific classes.
  • Outdoor cycling club, which will boast British Cycling, certified Coaches delivering all training sessions with varied route terrains.

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